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With the average cost of each single case of lameness more than £300, an automatic footbath is an inexpensive investment to ensure EVERY cow receives the BEST preventative care.


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Our products

All Hoofcount products are custom built using marine grade stainless steel. Designed with simplicity in mind and using high quality engineering, we ensure that your cows gain maximum benefit whilst helping you prevent cattle lameness.



The Standard Hoofcount Footbath is up to 3m long and 800mm (internal) wide.
This bath allows 2 dips per hoof and is used mostly in smaller herds and especially off Robotic systems.



The Hoofcount Excel Bath is up to 3.7m long and 600mm (internal) wide.
This bath allows 3 dips per hoof and is especially good for much larger herds 200+ and especially on the exit of Rotary systems. This system also benefits from the strong, stainless steel side sheets which allow the chemical to remain in the bath as well as ensure that cows are unable to step on the side of the bath. 



All our baths are bespoke and made to fit in the space provided. However robot farms need special consideration as space may be tight. This is why we recommend our standard bath in a robot system. The amount of footbaths you will need depends on how many robots and the positioning of them. For example many head-to-head robot farmers choose to only have one footbath on the exit race of those robots.

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Liquid chemicals

The right maintenance counts

Our Extra F chemical is a blend of copper, zinc, aluminium and formaldehyde. It is an effective and efficient way of minimising digital dermatitis in your herd. Our chemicals are liquid chemicals and work well alongside the Hoofcount Footbath.

Replacement parts

Count the savings of maintenance

Our service kits include a replacement door seal, 125ml airline oil and two chemical tubes for the chemical pumps.

For more information or to order spare parts, click ‘Replacement Parts’ below and get in touch. 



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The Hoofcount Bath is trusted and recommended by both farmers and vets as they are seeing a continuous fall in digital dermatitis on farms using the Hoofcount Automatic Footbath.

The Hoofcount bath sustains a regular treatment for preventing Digi within herds. With the use of the two chemical pumps on the bath, the farmer does not have to handle those harmful chemicals and the automation of the bath minimises labour.


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All our Hoofcount Footbaths are designed, folded, built up and sent out from our workshops in the North West. Every process in the development of your bath will be done by our specialist engineers. From the electrical components in the control box to the on site fitting of the footbath, all our engineers are there to make your bath bespoke to fit your farm and situation and make your job a lot easier. Our service engineers are on the road most days to make sure your bath is well kept and any problems can be sorted out as soon as possible to keep your system running as it should so that the treatment of hoof care is kept consistent.


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