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With the average cost of each single case of lameness more than £300, an automatic footbath is an inexpensive investment to ensure EVERY cow receives the BEST preventative care.



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We milk 250 cows on 4 robots, the Footbaths have been in 6 months, and we have noticed a drop in Digital Dermatitis from 40% to 5% in that time. We use the two chemical pumps by putting 3% formalin through one and 1 ½ % Hoofcount Extra F through the other. The cows usually go through this 3 times a day.
– Mark Robinson, Cross Hill Farm, Treales (250 cows)
We have virtually eliminated Digital Dermatitis after installing an automatic footbath supplied by Hoofcount. It puts the chemicals in automatically so no need to handle the horrible stuff.
– Richard Roberts, Flintshire (280 cows)
– Oliver Parkinson, Rolling Pin Farm, Preston (200 cows)
We installed 3 Hoofcount Footbaths in 2014 and after seeing a big improvement in Hoof health and decrease in Digi, we decided to install a 4th in 2018. We have one Standard bath per robot.
– Dave Talbot, Lower Alston Farm, Ribchester

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“We always aimed to setup the footbath every Monday but it often didn’t happen. Now the hoofcount is set on automatic the foot bathing takes care of itself and it is a part of the cows daily routine. With the hoofcount footbath we are getting on top of the lameness issues in the herd.”
Jim Parkinson, Preston (180 cows)
“Putting too many cows through the same solution meant the footbath was less effective for the cows that needed it the most. With the hoofcount set to change the solution every 150 cows and using formalin every day we have completely eliminated digital dermatitis.”

Tom Dodgson, Skipton (420 cows)
“We installed a 3 metre long hoofcount footbath in the exit race from the parlour, within 6 months we have seen a massive decrease in the number of lameness issues in the herd. Our Digital dermatitis has disappeared which before hoofcount was having a big impact on our herd.”

Dan Webster (Oakley Farming) Shrewsbury

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