Lameness detection system

Hoofcount has had support from Agri Epi Centre alongside a government funded R&D Project.

In a recent case study, they wrote

“Lameness is recognised as the primary animal welfare issue in dairy farming. Nationally 25% of dairy cows are lame at any one time. Although it has multiple causes, the key factor in most herds is endemic diseases, such as digital dermatitis, sole ulcers and white line disease. Early detection and prompt intervention is critical to effective control and treatment of lameness, which costs farmers in excess of £300 per case.”


How Hoofcount is making a difference

“This project presents a unique set of challenges to machine vision and machine learning. Object detection and image classification ‘in the wild’ has always been considered a significant but fascinating challenge in the relevant literature. The solution to this has commonly been to increase data quantity, quality, and variability for machine learning.”

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