Recent Installations Alongside…

Kristal D&D

GEA Dairyflow

GD & M Dunglinson

Impressive new unit with 4x Lely Center Midlands robots and Wilson Agriculture cubicles all designed by CowPlan. 2x HOOFCOUNT footbaths supplied through our distributor KRISTAL D&D, situated in our freestanding race systems.

Impressive GEA Farming 50 pt rotary.. our Excel Footbath is a perfect addition.

Replacing a previous Automatic Footbath, our 3.7m Excel fits perfectly into the existing race. Installed yesterday in Cumbria on behalf of GD&M Dunglinson

Recent Installations Alongside…

South West Dairy Services

MMT Dairy Services

Wooldridge Dairy Services

CHARD, Somerset,  alongside South West Dairy Services Ltd. 3m excel Footbath in our own freestanding race capable of holding 2x 1000l IBC’s above. Set up using our Extra-F chemical that can be supplied through SWDS ltd.

Alongside our dealer MMT Services, we installed this 3m Excel with race system. Complete with storage for the 200l drum of chemical and chains across both front and back of race this footbath was made bespoke to fit the exact needs of the customer and his herd. 

Hartpury College- Following on from a newly installed GEA Parlour our Excel Footbath was installed complete with the new SMART PHONE CONNECTIVITY alongside Wooldridge Dairy Services on this farm. 

Recent Installations Alongside…

Mark Bayley Ltd

David Johnson- Lutterworth Ltd

FourCows Ltd

Fondly referred to as ‘the boat’ by anyone who needs to lift or move it, this 3.7m ‘standard style’ was installed in Derbyshire alongside our distributor ‘MARK BAYLEY LTD’. Made to measure and a perfect fit

Footbath and race fitted alongside David Johnson- Lutterworth Ltd, all automated empty,clean and refill with two different types of chemicals. With frame over bath to take IBC’s of chemical.

A super new robot unit near Looe, Cornwall. Now with the benefit of the first of 6 narrow Hoofcount footbaths. Ranging from 2.8-3m long. All baths linked with SMART CONNECTIVITY for easy control from a device or phone. Supplied alongside FourCows.

Abi Reader 

Delighted to be able to install our 3.7m Excel Footbath on farm for Abi Reader this week. 610mm wide, 200mm deep 220L capacity. Fully automatic, reliable and effective. 

Made to measure

New addition to this farm in Cheshire. Made to measure 3.4m Excel sits perfectly between the aerials for the sort gate. With the even narrower base of 500mm, this bath holds just 165L. Using our Extra F Footbath solution this farm will use around just 6L a day of chemical. Also has the benefit of manual activation from the parlour! #happycustomer

Out with the old and in with the new…

Great farm, in a stunning location in the UK now with the addition of our fantastic Excel Footbath installed today. Sits perfectly in place of the old concrete bath and will significantly reduce water and chemical consumption whilst maintaining #healthyfeet

A HOOFCOUNT customer since 2014 

Nothing like repeat orders to prove that customers are happy with our footbaths. This is the 4th bath on 3 farms owned by this customer in Cheshire.


Purchase for Pedigree Herd following customer recommendation 

Holstein UK Chairman, Mr Peter Waring chose a Hoofcount 3.7m excel style footbath and race to help his pedigree herd maintain healthy feet.

Situated in the exit lane of the milking parlour, and with facility to store footbath solution above the race, this herd will access the bath at least once a day gaining 3 dips per hoof with each pass.


From Manual to Automatic

Initially purchased as a manual version, this customer in Yorkshire soon realised the full benefits of adding automation to their 3m standard footbath. A quick upgrade by our Hoofcount team to fully automatic and using Extra F copper blend Footbath solution currently on offer.

#laboursaving #effective #automationforhealthycows


Hoofcount Highlights 

Hoofcount Highlights

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