Hoofcount Transit System

In 2020 we designed and launched our new Hoofcount Transit as an out of parlour feeder system which also takes into consideration other aspects of the individual cows health, such as hoof health and weight. The system is pre-programmed to feed each cow according to its individual requirements and monitors any weight loss/gain, as well as the number of visits each cow may make. The smart connectivity allows the farmer to view all this information from a smart phone and easily monitor any changes in their herd, as well as receive alerts and notifications.

The Transit comes with automatic holding gates to the rear of the race which close behind the cow and re-open when finished. Made with all stainless steel parts and materials, the Transit is a high quality, durable investment to any farm or herd.

For more information, a no obligation quote or farm visit please contact the team on (+44) 1995 603028. Or click the ENQUIRE NOW button below, leave us a message and a member of the team will be in contact.

The Transit system:

  • Feeds 

  • Weighs 

  • Footbaths 

  • Monitors

  • Has smart connectivity 

Check out our Transit Launch video from Dairy Tech 2020 where Hoofcount founder, Anthony, explains the Transit system and its benefits.

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