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The story

behind Hoofcount

The Hoofcount footbath was developed and introduced to the UK market in 2012/2013. Designed with simplicity in mind, it now has a sustained reputation in the UK as the Market leader in Effective and Reliable Footbathing. There are very few moving parts to the Footbath and once the bath is installed correctly, should work without too much problem.

There are 2 main sizes of Hoofcount bath, but as we make these ourselves, we are able to offer a bespoke service to customers and this is particularly helpful on Robot systems where space might be a high consideration. Each Hoofcount bath is designed, folded and built in our continuously growing workshops in Lancashire. As a family business we pride ourselves in this as well as our bond with farmers all across the world.

The Hoofcount baths are now being shipped to many countries across the world including Canada, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The number of baths we are making is more than doubling each year and as it does so does our business.

Anthony Marsh, Dairy Engineer and Founder of Hoofcount Ltd

100% made in the UK. Watch the process from start to finish.

The Invention

behind Hoofcount

The process of the Hoofcount Footbath is simple and can work to however you wish. The Bath can be set to either count the cows, a timer or be on manual. Our NEW moving spray bar ensures the bath gets washed all the way down. The chemical concentration can be set to the desired percentage as well as the days you wish it to be added to the bath. The two chemical pumps also allows for two different chemicals to be used and set on different days, saving you handling chemicals.

The reason

behind Hoofcount

The Hoofcount Footbath not only reduces lameness in your herd but also helps to save on unnecessary costs. The footbath will be set up to perform in the exact way in which you would like it to. The counter, chemical concentration and frequency will be set by our engineer so that you do not have to worry about the Footbath.

The running costs of the bath are very low and as long as the bath is serviced every year, very little should go wrong.

The bath is designed with the best quality materials and therefore the investment in these baths are more than worth the one off payment for a life time of reduced vet and labour bills.

Cost of Lameness

Lameness in the dairy herd is a significant welfare problem and leads to:

  • Loss of milk production
  • Decreased fertility
  • Poor longevity
  • Increased trimming costs
  • Extra unnecessary labour

With many costs hidden, studies still show the minimum cost of lameness to a 100 cow dairy herd is £4,000* (€5,500) a year.

Effective footbathing with the Hoofcount automatic footbath reduces lameness and saves unnecessary costs.

Hoofcount recommend footbathing is carried out as part of a lameness management routine.

The Team

behind Hoofcount

Although we are only a small family business, we are proud to have a team full of hard working and dedicated individuals who are passionate about what we do. From accounts to service engineers, each one of us is responsible for the continued success of Hoofcount.

Anthony Marsh

Founder and Director

With almost 30 years’ experience in the dairy industry, Anthony has a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience in cattle management and quality, innovative engineering.

Jane Marsh

Sales Director

Supporting customers in choosing the correct system for them or assisting distributers, Jane spends time on farm or at exhibitions.

The Team

behind Hoofcount

Our strong team of specialist engineers work from both of our workshops and office. 

Customer Testimonials

“We always aimed to setup the footbath every Monday but it often didn’t happen. Now the hoofcount is set on automatic the foot bathing takes care of itself and it is a part of the cows daily routine. With the hoofcount footbath we are getting on top of the lameness issues in the herd.”
Jim Parkinson, Preston (180 cows)
“Putting too many cows through the same solution meant the footbath was less effective for the cows that needed it the most. With the hoofcount set to change the solution every 150 cows and using formalin every day we have completely eliminated digital dermatitis.”

Tom Dodgson, Skipton (420 cows)

“We installed a 3 metre long hoofcount footbath in the exit race from the parlour, within 6 months we have seen a massive decrease in the number of lameness issues in the herd. Our Digital dermatitis has disappeared which before hoofcount was having a big impact on our herd.”

Dan Webster (Oakley Farming) Shrewsbury

Our products


Hoof bath

The standard Hoofcount Footbath is up to 3m long and 800mm (internal) wide. This bath allows 2 dips per hoof and is used mostly in smaller herds and especially off Robotic systems.


Hoof bath

The Hoofcount Excel Bath is up to 3.7m long and 600mm (internal) wide.
This bath allows 3 dips per hoof and is especially good for much larger herds 200+ and especially on the exit of Rotary systems. This system also benefits from the strong, stainless steel side sheets which allow the chemical to remain in the bath as well as ensure that cows are unable to step on the side of the bath.


Hoof bath

All our baths are bespoke and made to fit in the space provided. However robot farms need special consideration as space may be tight. This is why we recommend our standard bath in a robot system. The amount of footbaths you will need depends on how many robots and the positioning of them. For example many head-to-head robot farmers choose to only have one footbath on the exit race of those robots.

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British Farming Awards 2021

Hoofcount Director and Dairy Engineer, Anthony Marsh,  has been shortlisted for the British Farming Awards 2021, Agri Innovator of the year. We are overjoyed that he was nominated for this category and look forward to celebrating at the finalists event along with some...

Biba’s finalists in two categories

Hoofcount were nominated for not one but two awards at the BIBAS 2021. After everything that had happened over the previous 18 months it felt so great to have been nominated and to be enjoy a well earned celebration with the amazing team at Hoofcount. Hoofcount were...


HOOFCOUNT have introduced a useful and handy tool which not only assists farmers but also reduces the amount of waste steel produced in their manufacturing workshop. Folded and cut from the off cuts of the footbath build process, the drum opener is made from 3mm...

Dairy Farmer July 2021

Taking a whole herd approach to preventing lameness. Read pg. 26 and 28

2021 so far…

Team Hoofcount have had a great start to 2021 with lots of footbaths shipped abroad but also fitted in the UK. Check out all the baths fitted this year in the UK 

Tom Pemberton – “Hoofcount… The Rolls Royce of footbaths”

Catch up with our recent install for You tuber and full time farmer Tom Pemberton on You tube.

Servicing and Warranty

We recommend that your Hoofcount Footbaths get serviced every 12 months. This service will include; changing the door seal and chemical pump tubes as well as topping up the air line oil. If this is kept on top of, there is very little else that could go wrong or would...

Our alternative to Formaldehyde

Here at Hoofcount we have listened to our customers and we have heard your thoughts on footbath chemical. Our Research and development team have been busy researching the best alternative to formaldehyde. Although formaldehyde isn't nice to handle or use, it is known...

Miss Hoofcount

Our lovely 'Miss Hoofcount' has been keeping an eye on all Moooovements in our yard!Whilst show season is on hold this year, so is Miss Hoofcount's trips out. So instead she is taking pride of place at Hoofcount HQ keeping an eye on everyone and making sure all...

Footbath Health Check

During uncertain days and restrictions on movements, you can count on us to be here for you. Our manufacturing workshops and office are open to provide help with enquiries and support to you. Call: (01995) 603028 Footbath Health Check: If your footbath has not had a...





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