Hoofcount Transit launch at Dairy-Tech

One-stop auto ID health station for dry cow precision management

A new one-stop integrated health station enabling individual dry cows and youngstock to be routinely monitored, footbathed, fed and weighed will be launched by Hoofcount at Dairy-Tech.

Called Hoofcount Transit, the station with its touch screen and accompanying web based data package features a two metre observation crate with15cm deep footbath which automatically empties and fills together with a feed trough dispensing programmed pellet and liquid feed. An optional electronic weighing system and holding gate are also available.

“Hoofcount Transit will for the first time enable dairy farmers to precisely manage their dry cows and in-calf heifers in the final weeks prior to calving and provide them with the opportunity to enter lactation in optimal health,” explains Hoofcount director, Anthony Marsh who has worked alongside nutritionists and farmers to develop the system.

 “Footbathing, a process frequently neglected in transition animals, will occur each time she visits the station which in turn will minimize future potential feet issues, including prevention of digital dermatitis.

 “Individual daily feed allocation can be programmed in to the system, ensuring each in-calf animal receives adequate energy intake to maintain body condition. Transit’s optional weighing system notifies any abnormal deviations. Data, along with non-visits are collected by the web based data package and available in the office or from a smartphone App. Finally, the system’s optional holding gate makes for easier routineinspections.”

He adds: “Hoofcount Transit is another innovative aid to routine precision management, helping dairy farmers towards greater herd efficiency.”

Hoofcount Transit is available from Hoofcount distributors throughout the UK.

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