Here at Hoofcount we have listened to our customers and we have heard your thoughts on footbath chemical. Our Research and development team have been busy researching the best alternative to formaldehyde.

Although formaldehyde isn’t nice to handle or use, it is known to be a very effective solution to use in your footbath routine. However with many people now choosing to look for an alternative, we have come up with something which is just as effective without the harmful toxicity of formaldehyde.

Our new ‘ HC Maxi G’ combines Copper and Zinc with Glutaraldehyde and surfactants to provide an effective alternative to Formalin based solutions. Still with the same blend as our Extra F but without the formalin, our product continues to incorporate copper and zinc into your footbath routing without having to handle these products yourself.

Available in 200L and 1000L IBC why not give this a try? For more information/advice or to order your Maxi-G,  call HOOFCOUNT (01995) 603028 or Sales 07802622123 or order now in the online shop.



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