Tip 1

Incorporate the footbath into the normal routine for the cows. I.e. On the exit to the parlour, towards cubicles or feeding areas.


Tip 2

Do it daily. It is best to keep the cows walking through the footbath even if it just has plain water or a very low dosage of chemical in.


Tip 3

Footbath all your cows. Dry cows and heifers should also have this as part of their routine.


Tip 4

Site your bath well. Your bath should be in a position in which the fumes will not affect milkers.


Tip 5

Keep chemical rates lower. I.E 2% / 2.5% too high chemical can have an adverse effect.


Tip 6

Ensure the bath is changed regularly. Rule of thumb is 1 per cow.


Tip 7

Be aware of temperature effects on the chemical you chose to use. I.e. formaldehyde is ineffective at less than 4 degrees centigrade.


Tip 8

Make sure the bath is ridged and is on a hard concrete surface and doesn’t move with cows weight. Cows will not step down into a footbath so situating it on top of the concrete is the best option.


Tip 9

Ensure adequate foot dips per cow per day in the footbath. Recommended 3 dips per cow per day. A 3.7 m bath would allow this.


Tip 10

Design your footbath in accordance with the milking system. A robotic herd who visit the bath more frequently will only need a shorter bath.

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